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Mission & Vision.

Leaves in Time is a nonprofit that supports families that know they will likely lose their baby before birth, or shortly afterwards.


The journey is unimaginable. The depths of the heartbreak are indescribable. The heart to walk families through these challenging days is such a sacred privilege. Join us in supporting the time it takes to talk through all the hard decisions. Support the cause in supplying the memory kits that help build memories, so the family has proof they WERE pregnant, they DID have a baby, and there will ALWAYS be an empty space in their family.  These families face high risks of depression, anxiety, and divorce. With the different evidence based tools we offer, we help change the trajectory of their healing journey. We support families staying together. We help decrease the rates of depression, anxiety and PTSD. 

Image by Mon Petit Chou Photography
Image by Nick Fewings


To optimize the grieving process and support families with a lethal fetal diagnosis during the prenatal period, birth, and also the postpartum and healing journey. 


By 2027, we envision becoming the go-to birth center nationwide for families facing a lethal fetal diagnosis, funded by donations from past clients, national grants and private scholarships.  

Image by Isaac Quesada
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