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Our Story.

20 Weeks Comes and Goes...

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

All was going well in the early pregnancy. It was the summer of weddings for us, and we were in 2 of them. Cord was 1 year 9 months old. We were seeing our midwife every 4 weeks at this point. Decisions and questions about pregnancy topics came with ease this time around, since we'd poured over them endlessly with the first pregnancy. We felt comfortable trusting the natural process of pregnancy, and resonated with the minimal testing . We chose to opt out of the 20-week ultrasound as well since we'd done more research, felt a bit more cautious about the safety of ultrasounds.

The Summer of Weddings!

Brian's sister, Jesse had her wedding on June 14th up at the Crested Butte ski area- such a beautiful location and wedding!!!. I was 13 weeks pregnant, and not showing a whole lot, but still feeling a little awkward in my rapidly transforming body. I remember feeling a bit tired, and not very social. We all rode the gondola up the ski hill to look at the view, but since it was Cord's nap time, he fell asleep on the way up.

Even though there were the challenges of being in the early stages of pregnancy, and managing a 1.5 year old, we were loving the romance of weddings, and the inevitable beauty in the ceremony of weddings...

My birthday was the next day- I turned 33.


My sister's wedding July 20. We had a pre-wedding shindig earlier in Ruidoso, NM

(our home town) as well, but the actual wedding was in Denver. I was almost 20 weeks pregnant. What fun, to pregnant in a wedding 💕- not being sarcastic, it felt very romantic at the time. In truth, I also felt a little tired and bloated in my silk dress in the middle of summer in Denver. What a stunning bride she was... Oh my heart, seeing her in that dress made me well up with tears. It's a very nostalgic wedding to think about for many reasons, but also, being able to vividly remember being pregnant... and that others were there as witnesses as well. I WAS pregnant. (Your mind plays trick on you sometimes, these pictures are proof... we WERE pregnant, and there's a bookmark in time for us remember.) Cord was almost 2, and being pregnant brought hopes of another, along with the adoration the one we already had. I have vivid memories of the lovely reception full of family friends on the lake, festivities lasting into long the evening, Cord fell asleep in the ring sling after the sun went down, and I adored having both my babies asleep "on me" at the same time.

A dear friend was married at the end of August in Denver on a beautiful golf course. We were 24 weeks pregnant. Being in Denver again was a little tiring, but it was such a joy to be present for her beautiful wedding, meet her new husband's precious family, and witness her marrying an amazing guy. If any lovely soul deserved an amazing husband and family to marry into, it is her. Somehow being pregnant at her wedding felt hopeful, like the promise of a family to come, for the lovely couple. I remember not staying the whole evening- either Cord or I were the limiting factor - ha ha! Either way, this lovely evening brought an end to the summer string of weddings for this little trio. Back to our small town.

It was lovely to have so much time with various friends and family all summer, fun to have a precious soul of a toddler in the midst of all the chaos, and to be pregnant during this season of weddings of those dear to us. I can, however, remember feeling a little relieved to be headed home to rest and relax in time to welcome in the coolness of Fall, our 3rd trimester and the holiday season with a new baby. I was all butterflies at the idea of a holiday baby since we were due December 18.

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